Home Parties

Host an in home party!

Get your besties together for a fun afternoon of wine and shopping

How It Works:

Contact us to schedule a date and time (can be a weekend day or any evening). Parties run around 3 – 4 hours. You invite your ladies, must have at least 8 guests confirmed for a party. We come to you!  We bring the racks of clothes and jewelry, set up in your home…. Then you and your ladies shop!

We are not licensed to serve food or drinks, but we do provide the hostess 1 complimentary bottle of champagne or wine! Hostess often serves appetizers

  • Hostess gets 25% off of her total purchase. Hostess may shop before the party to set aside the items she wants
  • Payments are made in Credit Card or Cash
  • Have more questions? Email us to anytime Hello@theatozboutique.com

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